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July 14, 2014
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Time to Share


By Dexter Patterson

I know we all just want our brand to be noticed by customers online.  We want our brand to reach as many people as possible, and we want it to happen right now.  Sorry, but social media marketing doesn’t work like that.  You have to spend time building relationships and providing value for your audience if you expect to see any growth on your networks.  The University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Don Stanley told me, ” Social Media is not a one night stand,” so be patient and do the work.

Don’t ever forget that there are real people on the other side of your computer screen or smart phone.  Good business is all about capitalizing off the positive relationships you create with real people.  The best way to build a relationship with someone is to provide value for them over time.  If you consistently provide value, you will build trust and trust is what will help sell your product or service.

7 Sharing Techniques that Work

1. Share the information that you find helpful, or that might help someone in your audience.  I suggest you start reading blog posts on a daily basis related to your niche and share the posts you find most helpful.  Not only are you learning but you’re helping your target audience at the same time when you share this valuable information.
2. Share the content of the thought leaders and experts in your industry.  Do some research and pay homage to the people doing what you strive to do someday.  In addition, this allows you to network amongst the people who follow their brand.  Learning for the best will help make you better at what you do.
3. Share something that can uplift someone that might read your update.  Share an inspirational quote or a short funny video that made you laugh. Try helping someone else have a better day.  It’s those little things that go a long way in strengthening online relationships.
4. Only share things that entertain, inspire and help your audience.  There is enough negativity in this world so try not to make your social media platforms another source of it.
5. Share more questions online that you get from your audience.  Use your social media page as a forum and showcase your expertise in your particular field.
6. Share unique opportunities with your audience.  If you see something that may not be a good fit for you, but it’s perfect for someone else, share that opportunity.  Remember social media isn’t just about you.
7. Lastly, share more of your personal story.  Sharing your story is what makes you fascinating to other people.  It’s your story that people will remember.



Digital media problem solver dedicated to helping brands succeed online. Professionally, I have experience working as a content marketer, digital marketer, blogger, podcaster, and digital sales consultant. Currently, I'm the digital and social media specialist for the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association. I specialize in social media marketing, digital media, and digital advertising. Let's talk digital!


  1. Don Stanley says:

    Thanks for the shout out Dex. Love how you applied the ideas from class to this post. The tips you provide are spot on. All of them are great, but my personal favorite is #4.

    Keep changing lives with your passion and knowledge hermano!

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